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170T Anyang steel ladle



Steel Ladle

Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd



Product Name: ladle

Specification and model: 170t

User: Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd


Steel LadleHot metal Ladle

Dalian Tongda mining and Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. has designed and produced more than 1000 sets of ladle and iron ladle of various specifications for customers at home and abroad, and has formed a full series of 3-397t ladle, and can design various structural forms of ladle and iron ladle according to the specific requirements of users.

The steel (iron) water tank is used to hold the converter steel and serve as the treatment vessel of the refining device (CAS, LF furnace and RH). In the continuous casting process, the steel (iron) water tank can discharge steel (iron) to the intermediate tank of continuous casting through the sliding nozzle set at the bottom. After the completion of converter smelting, the steel (iron) water will be poured out to the steel (iron) water tank, and then sent to each refining process for refining treatment. The hot repair of the steel (iron) water tank is carried out by tilting device.