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40.5MVA Xinjiang Yihua calcium carbide furnace



Calcium Carbide Furn



Product Name: closed calcium carbide furnace

Specification and model: 40.5mva

User: Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd


Submerged Arc Furnace 

Submerged arc furnace is one of the leading products of Dalian Tongda mining and Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. through the introduction of advanced technology from Germany, Norway and other countries, and continuous improvement and improvement, we have designed and manufactured various types and specifications of submerged arc furnace, such as calcium carbide furnace, industrial silicon furnace, ferroalloy furnace, and designed energy-saving and environmental protection submerged arc furnace, which can reduce the energy consumption of unit products and meet the requirements of the environment Guarantee requirements are unanimously recognized by domestic customers.

The main equipment of closed calcium carbide furnace is specially used for smelting calcium carbide, which is suitable for the smelting process of calcium carbide plant. The equipment is mainly composed of smoke exhaust system in front of the furnace, raw furnace gas flue, clean furnace gas flue, furnace bottom air cooling device, burn through bus and burn through device, closed calcium carbide furnace body, etc.