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Dumper body hydraulic station




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Product Name: dumper body hydraulic station

Category: Fz1-2a type C car dumper

User: Liaoning Shenmei Hongyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd., etc


Hydraulic station

Dumper unloading system is one of the main products of Dalian Tongda mining and Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Dumper unloading system is an efficient and special unloading equipment used to dump the bulk materials such as coal, ore, chemical raw materials, etc. which are loaded by the general open car of the railway. The equipment is widely used in the basic industries such as metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, port and wharf.

The body of fz1-2a "C" tipper is mainly composed of rotor, clamping device, backup plate, idler device, end stop, guide device, transmission device, vibrator, hydraulic system, etc.

The hydraulic station is specially designed for the unloading system of the dumper, which can meet the action requirements of the back plate mechanism and the pressing mechanism of the hydraulic transmission required by the dumper. The hydraulic valve used in this product mainly uses imported components of Rexroth. This kind of valve has the advantages of compact structure, large flow capacity and small volume. The installation dimension shall conform to international standards.