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Malaysia Anyu double bucket wheel blending Reclaimer



Blending bridge Reclaimer

Anyu Steel Company of Malaysia



Product Name: mixing Reclaimer


User: Anyu Steel Company of Malaysia


Blending bridge Reclaimer

Stacker reclaimer is one of the main products of Dalian Tongda mining and Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Stacker reclaimer is a continuous and efficient bulk loading and unloading machine, which is widely used in power plants, ports, steel plants, chemical plants, cement plants and other basic industries. It is suitable for strip or circular storage yard, and can realize the stacker and Reclaimer continuous operation of coal, iron ore, limestone and other bulk raw materials.

The company has designed and manufactured nearly 100 sets of equipment for users with different specifications and models, such as cantilever stacker, cantilever reclaimer, movable double tailed truck wheel stacker reclaimer, movable single tailed truck wheel stacker reclaimer, fixed single tailed truck wheel stacker reclaimer, bridge double bucket wheel blending reclaimer, with rated capacity of 100-6000t and turning radius of 20-50m. Our products are of high quality, timely delivery and reasonable price, which are well received by customers.