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140T Yingkou Tiansheng molten iron tanks



Metallurgical equipment

Minmetals Yingkou Zhongban Co., Ltd



Product Name: hot metal tank

Specification: 140t

User: Minmetals Yingkou Zhongban Co., Ltd

Molten iron tanks 

The equipment for collecting and transporting molten iron of blast furnace ironmaking products is used in medium and small blast furnaces. The molten iron tank is in straight cylinder shape, the shell is welded by steel plate, with clay brick built inside, a cast steel trunnion on both sides is supported on the frame, and the bottom of the tank is provided with a hook pin shaft. The molten iron tank can be lifted and tipped over by a crane. The large and medium-sized blast furnaces with a capacity of more than 1000m3 use pear shaped hot metal tanks with a capacity of 100t. The bottom is hemispherical and the upper opening is contracted into an ellipse to keep warm and make the bottom hot metal as clean as possible.