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250t converter






Product Name: converter

Specification and model: 250t



Dalian Tongda mining and Metallurgy Machinery Co., Ltd. has designed and manufactured various specifications of converter, AOD furnace and other smelting equipment for many large iron and steel enterprises in China.

Converter is of low speed, heavy load, frequent starting and braking, and great impact. Its working condition directly affects the normal operation of the whole converter workshop. In order to ensure the safety of converter production, converter equipment must also meet the following special requirements: ① when there is furnace collapse, freezing furnace and slag jacking operation, converter tilting speed is 0.1-1.35r/min, at this time, four motors need to work at the same time. ② The tilting device can be used for a short time in case of the following conditions under the normal tilting torque: A. one motor is damaged and the tilting speed of converter is 0.2-0.6r/min; B. two motors are damaged and the tilting speed is 0.2-0.4r/min.