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Successful trial run of Caofeidian blending stacker


Release date: March 18, 2020

Recently, our company signed a contract with MCC saidI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. for the blending stacker equipment of Minmetals Caofeidian International ore trading center project. After being accepted by MCC saidI group, Minmetals Development Co., Ltd. and China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., our company has carried out on load test run and achieved success, and has the conditions to produce iron ore fine mixing products.

Since February 13, as the fight against the epidemic situation has entered a new stage of focusing on both epidemic prevention and control and economic development, our company and CCID project team have taken positive actions and scientific planning, carried forward the spirit of "no delay and no slack in one day", adopted various effective measures and tried their best to ensure the epidemic prevention and control and safety, Assembly of Caofeidian blending stacker. Until the end of March, the mixing stacker can be put into trial production, and all operations are normal.