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Installation progress of reclaimer in ningxia yuanyang lake power plant

Release time:

2017-07-31 07:46

Release date: July 31, 2017

In 2016, we signed the contract with changchun general plant of power generation equipment for two reloaders of ningxia yuanyang lake power plant, and the site has been prepared for installation. The following is the site installation situation.

1. Except for driving, hydraulics, lubrication, belt, sprinkling, foundation, electrical appliances and funnel, the installation of other parts of no. 1 stacker feeder has been basically completed. At present, the upper funnel of cantilever belt feeder of no. 1 feeder is being installed on site.


   2, no. 2 material piling and taking machine installation progress slower than 1 material piling and taking machine, compared to the no. 1, no. 2 machine cantilever belt conveyor maintenance platform + increases heart cut heart roller, roller + pitch platform ladder railings and tail car + middle beam + funnel poles, tail wagons machine tension roller + + increases heart cut heart roller is not installed, starting on July 15, has been no. 1 machine installation, machine need 1 2 machine mechanical started after the completion of installation.