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Technical Equipment

Over the years, Dalian Tongda Mining & Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. has continuously invested much capital, and has imported lots of advanced hoisting, mechanical processing and welding equipment, which greatly enhances mechanical manufacturing capacity and ensures processing accuracy and product quality.


64T crane T616 boring machine Shearing machine CO2 gas-shielded welder
100T gantry crane 4×6m gantry boring and milling machine Sand blasting machine Welding system
Various specifications of roller beds CW61100-10m lathe CNC cutting machine Heat treatment furnace
160 floor type boring machine B1-400W universal knee and column milling machine 600T oil hydraulic press Large-scale annealing furnace
T611 boring machine BY60100C hydraulic shaper Automatic submerged -arc welding machine X-ray flaw detector
T613 boring machine Z3050 radial drilling machine 16m vertical lathe Ultrasonic flaw detector, etc