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Human Resources

The Company is a heavy machinery equipment manufacturing enterprise (mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration) mainly integrated with the design, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete sets of mechanical and electrical products, the supply of spare parts, after service and information feedback. The Company has 308 employees including 40 professional technicians, 5 senior engineers, 27 engineers, 6 economists and 2 accountants. In recent years, with the philosophy of “customers first, everything for the sake of customers” and the principle of “excellent quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and considerate service”, the Company has endeavored to bring up a high-quality high-skill talent team by insisting on people-oriented thought and strengthening quality management.

The main measures for the construction of talent team include: innovation of management mechanism and optimization of employees’ business environment. By starting with management innovation and continuously introducing competition mechanism, the Company has effectively aroused the employees’ enterprise and sense of responsibility.

The Company makes each person attend to his own duties by strengthening the management for work practice and flow, implementing hierarchical management responsibility system and decomposing target. The Company formulates several systems such as employee attendance regulations, employee evaluation scheme, quality system evaluation system, regular training system, etc and implements GB/T19001-ISO9001 management system, so that the employees’ gestures can be judged according to criteria. The Company often holds working meetings on pertinent research work, periodically inspects the employees’ actual construction progress, fully evaluates the employees’ design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after service, etc, and carries out quantitative registration. Through strict execution of employee evaluation system, clear rewards and punishments, and timely improvement in problems identified, the Company’s routine work management remains high level.

By fixing its attention on sustainable development for the construction of talent team, the Company has initially formed a talent team with excellent quality, reasonable structure and superior professional skills, promoting the improvement of the Company’s construction quality and laying a solid foundation for the expansion of the Company’s scale and the enhancement of level.