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Dalian Tongda Mining & Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture, installation of metallurgical machinery, handling machinery and hoisting machinery.The main products include stacker-reclaimer, car dumper; smelting equipment: mixer furnace, converter, carbide furnace, steel ladle and iron ladle; hoisting machinery: overhead crane, gantry crane, yard crane, quay crane, foundry crane and so on; coke oven equipment: coke pusher, coke guide, coal charging car and coal quenching car; metallurgical vehicle: molten iron car, steel ladle carrier, etc.

Over the years, with science and technology as the lead, the Company has striven for survival on the basis of quality and has striven for development on the basis of innovation. The Company has successively provided several types of products for the application fields such as metallurgy, petro-chemical, power plant, mine, harbor, machinery, etc and domestic and overseas customers, and has been favored by the customers due to safe and reliable product quality and good operation.

The Company covers a total area of about 8 million square meters including a floor area of 30,000㎡, including SanShiLiBao production base, MaLan factory, BeiHai production base. The company existing staff of more than 400 people, total assets of nearly RMB 700 million.

The Company has set up mechanical processing workshop, metal structure workshop, assembly workshop, painting workshop, etc, with complete production processing and detection equipment. For production, the Company implements manager responsibility system, and establishes top-down quality post responsibility system, with clear-cut job and responsibility assignment.

Being solid in technical force, advanced in production technology and perfect in detection means, the Company has ability to mass production. The Company has had the qualifications for various certificates such as the permits for design, manufacturing, installation, reformation, repair, etc, has obtained ISO9001quality system certification, which ensures providing high-quality, cheap, safe and reliable products/projects and services for customers.

General Manager’s promises: The Company insists on striving for survival on the basis of quality, striving for development on the basis of benefit, striving for reputation on the basis of service, attentively providing first-rate products and services for customers and being fully responsible for the provided products /projects and quality.